An entrepreneur's story

“Enara was the first, from which we then split out a second business called Active Assistance, and then from Active Assistance we split out another business called Aspirations Care. More recently we’ve started from scratch a fourth business called Berkeley Home Health. So they’ve essentially backed me on four different enterprises.

“I’ve found them, contrary to popular belief about private equity, very trustworthy, very supportive, very knowledgeable. They have good healthcare knowledge. Their funding mechanisms work well for my businesses and their relationships with other lenders such as the banks have enabled me to access lending that you would be less likely to be able to do as an individual. Their support in making sure the right financial structures are put in place and the right funding is available is an important part of the jigsaw puzzle. They take a lead in their advice but they don’t insist. It is a good partnership.”

He speaks regularly to Philip and Aatif: “It’s verbal, there’s not a big paper trail, and that verbal commitment has always been followed up with trust and action, whether it’s me or them. To me that’s been very important, and it’s not all that common.”