What excites us?

We research our sectors in depth, attend events, get to know key people, build networks. We map industries, markets and subsectors, looking at potential businesses to acquire, their peers and competitors from all angles. By the time we talk to a vendor about a potential acquisition, we can make a positive, creative and informed proposal.

Key factors in our investment decisions

ScaleMORE +

To build the capital value of a business, we need it to build in scale. We often start small and grow quickly through organic growth and acquisitions.

IVC, a companion animal vets group started as a three branch business in the West of England and over a two year period became the fastest consolidator in the market and the second largest provider across the UK.

MarketsMORE +

We are always looking out for trends and drivers that open up opportunities in a market, such as demographic changes, new legislation, social trends and technological developments.

Repeated security breaches and increased concern about online security led us to identify and invest in specialist IT security provider SecureData.

PeopleMORE +

People are the most important element of our success. We work with experienced and proven entrepreneurs and with people who aren’t yet proven - it's their potential we're interested in.

When Phillip Greenfield discussed his plan with us to build a leading group in the UK funerals market we were impressed with his strategy and leadership. Funeral Partners is now the third largest operator in the market.

CreativityMORE +

We like to explore new ideas and to challenge the stereotypes of our industry. We seek to work differently to make businesses more successful.

We spotted an opportunity in the UK lifestock services market. This lead to the investment in Origin which has become the UK's leading veterinary services and support provider.