How to get rid of blackheads: Dr Adam Friedman, Chief Medical Officer of the Dermatology Partnership speaks to the Guardian


The Dermatology Partnership (“TDP”) was formed in 2018, when August Equity invested in three leading medical-focused dermatology clinics and 18 consultant dermatologists across London and the South East.

TDP was created by August Equity through the combination of three leading dermatology clinics to form the UK’s first medically-led dermatology group.

Adam Friedmann, consultant dermatology and Chief Medical Officer of TDP, recently spoke to The Guardian about how best to get rid of and prevent one of the most common forms of acne: blackheads.

He advised against attacking them with hands or shop-bought extractors and instead recommended using medical treatment.

“The best is a combination of washing the skin during or after a shower with a peroxide wash, then applying a retinoic acid cream to the blackheads, as retinoic acid is really good at drying out grease glands,” he said.

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