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Navigating COVID-19: Internal procedures, practices and easy wins

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of certain industries in the UK as they step up to act as the front-line response to protecting the NHS and ensuring society can successfully hibernate through this unique period in time. The world and the economy as we know it does not look now as it did only 5 business days ago and is evolving every hour. In a 4-part article, August Equity will provide an overview of the key areas and practices providing support in our nursery and care assets.

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The art of executing a successful buy and build strategy (part 2)

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The art of executing a successful buy and build strategy

August Equity has built a reputation for successfully executing buy and build strategies. Our portfolio has completed more than 350 bolt-on acquisitions across healthcare, education and technology services to create some of the leading businesses in their respective sectors.

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Preparing your business for investment and what to look for in a partner – August Equity’s workshop roundup

For many businesses, there comes a point where external investment is the next logical step.

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