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Coronavirus & healthcare investing

Two months into lockdown, we are now coming to the end of the first phase in the virus crisis. Some businesses, such as restaurants and cinemas, have been reduced to zero revenues whereas others haven’t, yet, been directly affected. We at August Equity have experienced both ends of the spectrum, from our nursery schools’ investment which, happily, reopens in June, to social care where we have witnessed resilient growth at Orbis as it continues to transition in new service users with a safe navigation of social distancing. Healthcare investment is ingrained in August Equity's DNA, this article will explore the continued financial and logistical impact Covid-19 is having both on operating businesses and undertaking / financing M&A, and to what extent this changes the attractiveness of the sector from an investment perspective.

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Navigating COVID-19: Internal procedures, practices and easy wins

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of certain industries in the UK as they step up to act as the front-line response to protecting the NHS and ensuring society can successfully hibernate through this unique period in time. The world and the economy as we know it does not look now as it did only 5 business days ago and is evolving every hour. In a 4-part article, August Equity will provide an overview of the key areas and practices providing support in our nursery and care assets.

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