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Active Assistance

Created through the merger of Active Assistance and First Call Care Services in 2011

Grewinto the leading complex care provider in the UK

NowActive remains the leading complex care provider in the UK


Independent VetCare

Created through the acquisition of three independent veterinary practices in 2011

Grewinto the second largest veterinary group in the UK on exit

Nowan international business with presence across 11 European countries



Created through an international corporate carve-out in 2012

Grewinto the largest independent cybersecurity provider in the UK on exit

Nowthe UK Cyber Defence arm of Orange, a listed French multinational corporate


ESG is at the heart of everything we do, from the way we identify and assess potential investments to implementing ESG initiatives post investment and sharing best practices and learnings across our portfolio.

We invest in high impact sectors and as signatories of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment, our focus is to build quality businesses driven by their focus on ESG principals that benefit the society and environment around them.


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